Brilliant Results of the first Matura Class at OBS
Posted 04/09/2018 11:13AM

The OBS Matura Class passed the practical test excellently: at the winter session of the Swiss Federal Matura Examinations in Zurich, the first Matura year of the OBS has scored half to one mark better than the Swiss average of all candidates.

Mrs Appenzeller, in 29 out of 30 exams, the OBS candidate was above the Swiss average. Are the OBS students particularly gifted? I see two reasons for this extraordinary success: the intensive individual support of our students and our innovative concept. The young people are very happy to go to school with us, so they automatically learn more easily.

What makes the concept of the OBS Upper School so successful? We try to meet the needs of each student by customizing the learning method and material. In our school a student is not supposed to only listen to the teacher for 40 minutes straight, but is allowed to leave the room after 20 minutes of input to work in a group or individually if she/he wants and her/his coach thinks it`s a more successful way of studying. On the other hand, if a student needs more practice, she/he will always find material on various competence levels on our learning platform, as well as learning software which corrects answers immediately. This reveals whether the subject material is known or not. What`s more, there are always teachers in the learning atelier who can be asked.

Are teachers superfluous? Is everything done on the computer? Definitely not! The centre of our school are the teachers not the computer. Not all students can learn independently right from the start. That`s why our teachers upload learning goals and material on the learning platform the evening before. Doing this we can guarantee that the teachers have more time for those students who really need our support during the school day. OBS teachers are motivators and sources of inspiration for the students. Exactly this is so important in our Matura programme, which must deepen knowledge that is not equally interesting to all students.

Is bilingual education not a disadvantage for the Swiss Federal Matura? Our candidates did the bilingual Swiss Federal Matura. Geography, History, and the minor subject will be examined in English. These three subjects are taught in English from Grade 10 onwards. So this built a perfect basis.

What about the German competence at the Matura? Our students have time until grade 12 to gain mother tongue language competence in German (and English). Though after the middle years not all students are ready to do the entrance exam at the public Gymnasium in German. It has been proven that a multilingual brain acquires knowledge differently, but until reaching the Matura year German competence is permanently increasing. That`s why our German lessons have a specific structure to support language acquisition optimally.

See an overview of the results of the first part of the federal Matura:

The difficulty level of the exams varies from year to year. Therefore, it is not the green line which reflects the performance of the school but the yellow line. Concerning the individual results of OBS Grade 12 students, in 29 exams out of 30, the OBS student is above the Swiss average.

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